Innovative energy solutions

solar2Complete solutions for your building

Save over 60% on your bills for:

  • heating and cooling
  • lighting
  • energy consumption

The combination between heat pump SmartHeat and photovoltaic arragement  SunEarth assures all year round optimal conditioning for your administrative, residential and production buildings, using the free energy source of the sun. The unused during daylight electricity can be stored in the battery system SunStorage, which saves you electricity bill even at night.

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LED is the light of the future! Why?Thumbnail image

20% of the energy worldwide is used for lighting. If all light bulbs are exchanged with the LED technology, the consumption of 2600 TWh will fall on 1500 TWh what corresponds to the energy of 150 nuclear power stations 1 GW. With the LED lighting the energy costs sink by 50%.

  • It is expected that up to 2020 the LED technologies are amounted more than 60% of the lighting market. Examples of it are world-renowned buildings such as

- Empire State Building (New York)
- Sony centre (Berlin)
- Hotel YAS (Abu Dhabi)
- Zuericher Hardbuecken (Switzerland)
With the substitute with LED technology we save monthly up to 85% of energy

  • Indisputable fact is their longevity (50 000 working hours)
  • Much less warmth is emitted (<40°C) in comparison to the usual light bulbs (to 1800°С)
  • Without ultraviolet rays
  • Without play pinball the light with the turning on
  • Does not belong in the hazardous waste, because no dangerous substances are used
  • Quick investment repayment


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What is LOLA, how works LOLA and why LOLA?

Thumbnail imageLOLA uses the whole light dispersion of the LED (also lateral) and project it by reflection evenly to the street.Perfect illumination of the street segment

  • No blinding glare thanks to linear light emission
  • Massive cost savings by 80% less energy consumption
  • No emission scatter loss
  • No ultraviolet radiation
  • Low heat development
  • Low maintenance

All these advantages make LOLA the leader in the road lighting.


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Sun Tree

Thumbnail imageA new and brilliant solution

Sun Tree connects all necessary for Your better future: generates sure monthly yields, saves place and protects at the same time Your car or scooter of the natural phenomena.

Sun Tree is "the tree" of the future - absolutely autonomous, needs no infrastructure (transformer and stream net) to work, the produced energy is completely "green" what allows to his placing on every sunny point.

Sun Tree can be converted easily and fast by the photovoltaic arrangement which serves your house, office, hotel, hall in the electric filling station for your electric-mobile and electric-scooter.




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