Sunny house

A unique architectural solution for living, which Neven-SIG Solar is designing and building turnkey. The combination of a family house with a photovoltaic system on the roof offers exceptional advantages:

  • Comfort, coziness and tranquility of the own home away from the hectic rush of the city
  • The size of the investment is similar to a purchase of apartment house in the city
  • Procurement of significant revenue with guaranteed purchase of the electricity generated from the roof
  • The PV system pays back monthly partially or fully the financing without significant additional rates from the owner is required
  • Preferential credit conditions from partner banks of our company group SiG Solar Group
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  • apic_120m2_ew.jpg
  • apic_200m2.jpg
  • pic_225m2_roof.jpg
  • pic_225m2_sw.jpg
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